Those Early Stages

Do you have a puppy that is in those early stages? Everyone is saying “well you don’t know what kind of dog you have until it’s three.” You get told to “control your dog”, or “stop letting your dog run wild”. If this is your scenario I’d like to say one thing right off the bat and that is you have to endure! The puppy stages are inevitable, depending on what kind of breed you are raising you are sure to get those puppy stages that you really have to hold back on the shouting and bathe in a mental pool of patience. I personally see this as a ways of relaxation in the sense that if you can control that urge to shout and simply give the correct amount of discipline, you will do just fine. Now there are ways of going about giving ‘the correct amount of discipline‘, if your dog does not listen worth a hill of beans I like to begin things with a short leash. Treats at my side and letting them know I control whether or not they get them. When they listen, they get rewarded, when they don’t listen, the leash gets shorter and they don’t get treats. Being firm is crucial, and consistency and persistence is key. A lot of people don’t understand that having a puppy is like having a child.

Seems far fetch? Well I can assure you, I have owned and taken care of plenty of different breeds of dogs from raising to healing, playing with, to disciplining. I’ve been through the ringer of things when it comes to taking care of furry little four legged creatures; not just dogs but I can talk about that some other time. Puppies are incredible living creatures, but they require a lot of love, patience, and constant training.

Do you want to have a trusting dog that you can have take the leash off? How about an animal you can leave at home and not have sit in the kennel for three hours when you want to go for coffee with an old friend? Again, seem far fetch? It’s about principles, and principles being applied throughout the entire day; everyday during this crucial learning period for your puppy. Their brain is like a sponge at this point, and it’s important to plug in the right habits otherwise you will be dealing with a full grown dog that is going to require personal training and that will damage the wallet.

Behavioral patterns are important to notice, find out what they want, deep down. Find a way to get them to acknowledge that you are the king of the castle and you can choose whether or not they get what they want. Whether this is treats, a walk, a specific toy, and most importantly food in their dish. You control the food that is going into their mouths and as a puppy it is a perfect tool to use to get them to obey. It’s the treat technique put into application again but this is a little more productive as you don’t want to be constantly feeding a puppy treats.

  1. Give them love

  2. Be patient

  3. Stay persistent with your choice of technique with regards to discipline

  4. Utilize numerous techniques

  5. Endure

  6. Enjoy the process

I hope newer dog owners gained something from this article, it’s short and sweet but covers crucial things that must be put into application for you to get what you desire. All dogs are different, some are calm, others are like lightning bolts, experiment with techniques but as soon as you find one that syncs well with your animal; stay consistent and be persistent!

I want to thank you all for reading this far, since you did I would like to reveal my ‘master tip’ to you. It may seem simple but honestly, if it’s simple, it probably works. The simple basics is what get the job done. Master your basics. This little tip is to become in tune with your dog and have them understand what you want and focus on what you want, this is one of the most important things about raising an animal, they have to know what you want. When the bond begins to grow you are going to find your dog wants to give you what you want, it’s truly a beautiful thing as long as they are rewarded and you as the owner keep things fair. Then it remains a pure friendship that is seen as beauty from afar.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. Would you like tips on dog training? Any questions regarding your dog or puppy? Don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to be of assistance!