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These Dogs Keep Me Alive


A powerful statement to make but at the end of the day whether or not I come home to three, or I come home to one, or I come home to all of them; a smile is created. These dogs have changed my life and I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have them in my life. Chihuahua breeding is a task and a half, when I say this I am doing my best to emphasize the responsibility it takes. This goes without saying all the people that truly rely on you. I have clients who phone me once a month to hear updates and occasionally they ask for personal appointments just for tips on training their Chihuahua.

Monitoring these little guys is where the art really comes into play! The dogs breed themselves but during their early weeks is when the correct actions need to taken. Nutrients, a routine, positive energy, and of course love and care at all times. I have made it sound simple and others look at me like I’m a little loony tunes but that’s more than okay. I love what I do and I love how many people are satisfied with my work!

Rex, Marley, Santiago, Dez, Roofy and Zyra are my babies. Their colors vary, I often have them for nights but if you have read my previous post you are aware that I have created a ‘dog sitting’ program for myself. I live a very busy life and this is ideal for it, I have trusted people who take care of my chihuahuas during my busy hours and it is a blessing. A huge benefit with this system is it is almost free of charge! These wonderful people do not have the ability to have dogs of their own so they basically volunteer to take care of mine whenever they have the opportunity; it’s a fantastic collaboration. I of course treat them with the occasional gift as well as money to spend at local amenities but that is more so an act of courtesy and they most certainly do not expect it. Writing this all down really does make me think of how fortunate I am,

I will take this time to say, “thank you”. 

If you have any questions about breeding, maintenance, care and or training strategies, please do email me here!

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I hope this little guy puts a smile on your face!
I hope this little guy puts a smile on your face!