Surprised And Not Surprised

Why Does The Package Not Show Up?


Did someone need it more than me? I spent $44 on three bracelets, and just spent over an hour on the phone with three different companies trying to explain to them that even though the tracking status says “package delivered” I still have not received the package. Looking to get a refund from the company but the way I am trained to look at a situation like this is, someone needs it more than me; I am okay with this. The bracelets were made from these special beads and carried ‘spiritual value’, my esoteric beliefs brought them into my world and I really thought that they would benefit my life. My thoughts are currently, “I hope these bracelets benefit someone’s life”. With regards to not receiving my package, I hope someone else has the bracelets on hand and looks at them knowing that they are being protected by something greater than themselves.

Sorry to begin this post with a rant, this is how my morning began; and with some awesome protein cereal.

Rex and Marley have been doing some crazy things this morning, it’s like they are being chased by the ghosts in the video game pacman. I love my dogs, they are the most incredible creatures I have ever come in contact with; but they are very strange. Come to think of it, this is probably why I love them so much. My last post I wrote a little bit about strategies when it comes to changing the way a dog is acting, using the art of play. Today I would like to share with you a beautiful story about how I put this into practice and really changed the way a Beautiful German Shepherd looked at his owner.

It all starts with a casual walk with five of my six chihuahuas, strutting down to the local park and quickly coming to the conclusion that my dogs are being stalked by a rather large german shepherd… Continuing our stroll with my peripherals locked onto this animal, we go about another twenty-five feet and then he begins to dash; I quickly latch the leashes onto my side pouch and remove my sweater from my waist. He’s about ten feet away and picking up speed, my dogs are scattered and I am doing my best not to get tangled in the leashes… I lower my level, stare the dog right in the eyes, and scream. He stops, I take one step forward lowering my level more and bonk him right on the side of the head with the hood of my sweater. I take one more spin around my head and then remove my shoe in a way where my balance is not knocked nor has my gaze left this creatures eyes. My thoughts at this point are, “let’s play big guy”. He barks three times and does what he believes is the right thing to do in the situation, which is take a step back as I move forward slowly. The next thing that happens is a man riding a scooter with no helmet appears from my right and begins screaming at the dog, “MARCO, GET OVER HERE NOW!” Surprisingly the dog decided it was best to listen to the man on the scooter and though I stood my ground and managed to give the german shepherd a nice little bump on the head, he still wanted more… Though he raised his white flag and gave in to his owner, my adrenaline and animal instincts still wanted to play! I guess that’s just in my nature… I am happy I didn’t have to hurt this dog and that my chihuahua’s remained still enough so I didn’t end up tripping on any of their leashes.

No animals were hurt during this confrontation, I am grateful for this. The man that was riding the scooter is named Keith; a gentleman he is. Apparently, Marco, the german shepherd, managed to dig underneath the fence and take off down the road, thankfully he wasn’t hit by any traffic. One thing I noticed about him (Marco) was the size of his heart, Not only did he not want to give in, but I think the reason he begun to dash towards my chihuahuas in the first place was because of the toys that Dez and Zyra had in their mouth’s. I don’t think he meant harm, some people say I did exactly what I should have done, others say I over reacted and could have handled the situation better. I believe I did what felt natural.

If a dog is dashing towards you: 

  • Stand your ground
  • Make yourself big, but mobile. (hence why I lowered my level, the ability to move, strike, and parry are easier from a lower position)
  • Be loud, at the right time, this right time I talk about is when you feel that it’s coming and the one thing that will change the energy in the atmosphere is your own voice
  • Wield something blunt or utilize a flexible weapon, ie. a sweater and or purse

Now this whole story started with me talking about how I changed the way a dog looked at his owner, this did happen; and the reality of it is, me and Keith begun seeing each other. The man is brilliant, and I am happy to have met him especially under those circumstances because when people asked, it was a fun story to tell. Though I am no longer seeing Keith we are still in contact; Marco is being taken care of, they have moved to Alaska I believe.

I used the art of play to help Keith with Marco’s energy levels. The dog looked at everything like a toy, including Keith… How did I help Keith and Marco’s relationship? I equipped Keith with an arsenal of new training techniques focusing on play, I used play here to instill discipline into Marco, how so? Every single time his attention would move to something else during a training session, Keith would squeak Marco’s favorite toy. This went on for a while and really made a world of difference. Marco now understands that Keith controls the toy, his favorite toy. When Marco listens to Keith, he gets his favorite toy, when he doesn’t, the toy remains hidden. Easy huh? It really is, it’s a matter of having patience and experimenting with what works in that situation, one thing will never work in all situations; you have to adapt and be open to change.

I hope this story entertained some, and helped others, I like reminiscing about this, it brings back a lot of good memories.

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful day. Would you like tips on dog training? Any questions regarding your chihuahua? Click here to be directed to my contact page!

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