Do You Dance?

I Tend To Dance With My Dogs


Did you know that Chihuahua’s are probably the best dancers on the planet? This is no exaggeration, these little guys can jump, flip, spin, and twist at all sorts of weird angles; it’s quite hilarious. I spent my evening dancing with my chihuahuas, weird? Perhaps. I can say one thing, they do not like country but they do love John Fogerty which I found strange but just decided to flow with their energy. The people in my building were probably wondering what all the commotion was but that didn’t stop me, I was having the time of my life.

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Bridges And Lakes

Loving Danger And Excitement


If you are an individual who loves danger and excitement this post might be for you… I have found in my very short time on this earth I have always loved doing things that scared the bananas out of me. Quite recently I found myself on this incredible hiking trip with a number of my cousins, always finding new ways to shock each other with our ways of doing things we of course found a nearly deconstructed bridge. This story can appear silly and you might think “Why on earth would Laura risk her life to get to the other side?”. Well you see, this was an opportunity to not only test my self control but I was making a point to myself, I’ve learned that you are only as good as your last performance. This was a performance I did for myself, and the performance was me crossing the bridge even though the risk was there to fall nearly sixty feet.


This is basically what the bridge looked like,
This is basically what the bridge looked like, nothing but intriguing to me!

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Back In Town!

Am I Ever Happy To Be Home


I am sore, comfy, and relaxed at this very moment. I had an incredible time in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was there on behalf of a Martial Arts benefit seminar for the senior instruct of Jeet Kune Do, Sifu Taky Kimura. This was an experience of a life time, the man is ninety-two years old and is still throwing people on the ground! He had me in a straight arm lock explaining to other students and practitioners of the importance of the raising of the elbow during your lock. Now unfortunately I couldn’t quite hear everything he was saying as the man speaks very quietly do to health issues; Alzheimer’s and such… (This was one of the main reasons for the seminar, to help raise money for his medical bills, as they have sky rocketed).

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Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

The Shortest Post I’ve Ever Written.

I am so excited to be starting this new website, but unfortunately I do not have a lot of time right now to be working on it; though I truly believe the future holds beautiful things for this new masterpiece! I am going away tomorrow, on a very unique adventure to Vancouver, British Columbia. I will be back on Sunday as the trip is short, but the experience is a once in a life time thing for me. Looking forward to sharing when I arrive home.

Talk soon!


– Laura