One More Time!

I’ve written a little bit about how much I love The Martial Arts. I’ve also shared the amazing opportunity I had to train with a living legend in August. I have recently been informed that Sifu Taky will be at the Ancient Fire Dojo in Vancouver, British Columbia one more time! That is this November and oh boy am I looking forward to that experience, not only will I be training with Sifu Taky again, I am invited in for free! This not only helps my bank account, but it is a true honor. I will be staying in Victoria after the seminar, my cousin Joel Cuttiford lives on the beautiful island and I am very much looking forward to spending some time with him. He is extremely busy with his landscaping company and quite frankly is one of the hardest working landscapers I have ever met in my life! I get to visit Joel, train with Sifu Taky, AND I was happy to find out that I will be able to bring one of my little pups on my journey!

As much as I would like to take everyone with me, it is not feasible… Zyra will be in ‘momma mode’ and it would simply be to much to manage with focusing on the experience of training with a living legend. I am so forever grateful for this opportunity, again! Training is everything, right now Marley is staring at me like my nose is upside down and all I can think is “oh how spoiled you are my friend.” Now I am not just thinking about Marley, I am looking at my life and thinking the exact same thing. I AM SO SPOILED! 

I get to travel to a beautiful location for minimal cost and stay in beautiful Victoria, for free! Getting to see Joel is going to be something special, we used to spend so much time together and now it feels like it’s been ages! His landscaping company keeps him busy 24/7, the man is driven to retire! He’s got a wonderful system in place, I linked to his website above, check out some of the work he has done if your interested in seeing what he can do. He works with arborists, masonry workers, fence builders, landscapers, and he does it all himself as well! He runs the show and manages an enormous crew, hopefully he will be able to put some things on hold while I’m in town; thinking about my stay has me reminiscing about all those good laughs we’ve had…

Marley is running around like crazy, definitely needs to be played with; unfortunately her sitter had some personal things to take care of so the walk was cut short. On the bright side now I get to visit and see if my furry little friends would like to go for a run! Zyra is lying down and looks physically drained, I think it’s about time I start monitoring her a little more closely as it’s almost time for her to jump into motherhood!

Are you a Martial Artist? Do you study The Martial Arts? Also, I haven’t had any recent emails for tips on breeding, I’m here when you need me! I love helping. 

Let me know, I’ll give some advice on the puppy stages in the near future, or perhaps some food ritual tips.

I’d like to leave you all with this video, my gift to you.