My Training And My Work

Many sacrifices have to be made when training in The Martial Arts. At this very moment I am feeling at ease with my past accomplishments; remaining humble, kind, and accepting the fact that there will always be somebody bigger, somebody stronger, somebody smarter, and somebody quicker. Writing this down has lifted a smile yet also brought upon thoughts of “Well why does that have to be the case? Can’t I be the best?” Let me share with you something, you get what you give; if you aren’t putting in every ounce of energy into what you want to be ‘The Best’ at, I can guarantee somebody else on this planet is.

In my line of work my attention is in such high demand; for me to focus solely on my Martial Arts at this point of my life is challenging. Being able to balance of all the things which have to have my full attention: my animals, my breeding schedules, my nutrition, my friends and family, everything. Now if I am to be completely honest, it’s all Martial Arts. Everything I do, everything I say, everything I choose to think about, everything, period. That is my reality and if you want to be ‘The Best’ at something your life has to be that thing, it’s with you where ever you are. If you pause your breath it’s paused as well; can anyone else relate to this? I know this post is very profound and very ‘in your face’ but I have a passion inside of me and a fire lit underneath my feet which causes me to have thoughts like these…

I hope someone is benefiting from reading this, it can’t always be about my adorable family of chihuahuas. This being said, Zyra is walking and talking like a saint! She is doing fantastic and her distance to motherhood is getting shorter and shorter.┬áNow I created this article to share with you all that if you have something your good at, something that makes you feel good, something that benefits others and your able to see that every time you take action; have all of that be your motive to keep on keeping on.