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Do's and Don'ts


  • WHAT TO GIVE AS TREAT give yogurt instead of ice cream if you really feel they need people food. During the holidays if you make a lean meat like turkey or beef you can give a little with potatoes plain no gravy. They will love it and remember no salt.
  • Make sure your new puppy eats around the clock. What you may think is enough may not be. Leave food down all day for them till they get older
  • What out for cold temps on your little guys paws, they can freeze very fast usually within a minute or two.
  • DON'TS

  • Do not give chocolate, some can handle a small amount because children drop it. Other than a mistake or a stealing of a bag of chocolate do not give it. It can kill your new puppy or dog.
  • Do not teach your dog toss games between people.That means don't toss your dog back and forth from one person to another, accidents happen, the animal can accidently be dropped. Being dropped means it can be killed.
  • DON'T GIVE MILK TO YOUR PUPPY.Their system cannot handle it and it will give them very loose stool or worse.
  • Do not keep your new puppy on a heating pad, it can cause dehydration if the puppy doesn't need it. It can create too much heat and cause harm to your puppy because they don't always know to get off of the pad when they are young.
  • Watch for highly waxed floors. Your puppy or dog can be running around the floor and slide into the stove, wall, fridge, etc. and get a concussion which could kill or put your pup into the hospital for some time with a high vet bill.
  • DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR NEW PUPPY! It is very sad when I hear a mother letting her daughter's new (less than a pound puppy)sleep with the little girl. Tragety will sometimes hit and have no one else to blame but themselves for lack of common sense.I will ask people to use COMMON SENSE! Do not put the puppy in a bed with a child or an adult that does not allow this small puppy access to food and water all night long and also the fact that the puppy could be smoothered to death accidently! In my opinoin as a responsible breeder and caring for all of my puppies from birth to the day they leave and after, this is total lack of any type of common sense being used. Please do not do this! I will sit and cry over a puppy that did not have a fair break because of TOTAL STUPIDITY!
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