Do You Dance?

I Tend To Dance With My Dogs


Did you know that Chihuahua’s are probably the best dancers on the planet? This is no exaggeration, these little guys can jump, flip, spin, and twist at all sorts of weird angles; it’s quite hilarious. I spent my evening dancing with my chihuahuas, weird? Perhaps. I can say one thing, they do not like country but they do love John Fogerty which I found strange but just decided to flow with their energy. The people in my building were probably wondering what all the commotion was but that didn’t stop me, I was having the time of my life.

This was a fun evening… A lot of flashbacks to the nights of camping.


How old are your dogs? What do you feed them? Are they getting enough exercise? Is there a balance of love in their life?

These are things I like to ask myself every so often, neglecting a loved one is no joke, especially if for months, years, even weeks you did a fantastic job of taking care of them. This has formed a habit in their mind and if you suddenly shift gears your dogs habits could potentially ‘shift gears’. The concept of your passing could potentially tarnish their existence, that’s how loyal these creatures are, and can be, please do not neglect loved ones, this goes into all aspects of life but make sure your giving love to your pups. Furthermore, I would like to talk about how ‘play’ can be used as a tool for discipline. The way I see things is dogs need time with their owners or caretakers while focusing solely on play. Though play is fun and they love spinning around in circles trying to find out where the tennis ball went even though you still have it in your hand; play can be a valuable tool.

With dogs that are timid I like to use play as a ways to get them to interact in social situations, still having them focused on play keeps them in tune with the game. They aren’t aware of it but they are becoming more comfortable in a social situation, how? They aren’t thinking about it, they are focusing on play!

Dogs, especially chihuahuas, can be quite aggressive. Not in the sense their intentions are to harm, but they are simply being firm and attempting to be the dominant breed; this is what I’ve seen an endless amount of times. Countering this is a challenge and gentleness doesn’t always cut it, a simple solution is play. Though in this situation you play in a different manner, the goal is always to have the animal listen to your commands willingly; using play here you establish dominance by showing them that you have their attention. Play can begin, and play can end. If they are choosing to be a challenge for you and those around them, play ends; first, play must begin. Do you see the tool being applied here? You must first capture their attention and have them focused on what you bring to the table, which is a good time for them, so you have something they want.

I can see people not fully understanding what is written here but that’s not what I expect from writing it. My intent with this article is to give awareness to you (my readers) about the options that you have with regards to habitual patterns in your animals. Play is phenomenal tool when used correctly, do you have any questions that you feel need to be answered?

I would be more than happy to help. 

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This post has made me smile numerous times, want to know why? I have been sharing with you not only a valuable tool you can apply to your life as a dog owner but I got to share and focus on the act of ‘playing’. I love to play, not only with my dogs (dancing close to midnight with John Fogerty cranked), but with everyone and everything! Have fun in your life and have that be a powerful affirmation you make to yourself. “I am here to have fun, learn, give love, and flow”. I say this to myself daily and I find it does wonders especially when I recite it like a mantra in the morning.

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