Collecting Those Unique Things

Funny How Much I Used To Love Lamps…

  • Coins
  • Lamps
  • Old Sticky Notes
  • Unique Blankets

A collector of different kinds of things I am! I was cleaning up my place this morning and started thinking to myself “am I a hoarder?” No way, not possible; I am a clean woman! Then it sort of picked up again when I opened one of my hall closets and found blankets that haven’t been touched in over six months and seven or so lamps that are collecting dust. Now this is pretty minimal when it comes to hoarding as a big picture, though I do not like clutter and I have made the decision to donate some of my lamps that I once thought “I just have to have this.” The local thrift store down the road will surely appreciate it, I am doing this with the intentions that maybe someone will actually put it to use and not have it sit and collect an abnormal amount of dust. I have also found an old coin collection which brings back an enormous amount of memories that bring me to an uncontrollable smile.

It’s these little things that do it, really. Have you ever spent an hour or so flipping through old photographs of you and your parents? It feels almost like some soft of crazy drug trip, now I am not one for drugs but the feeling I get when thinking about all those experiences really creates this thought pattern of “I wonder if drugs make you feel this way.”

Honestly having second thoughts about donating a couple of these lamps; feeling that I may just remove the modernized ones from Walmart and do my best to make these two fit… The shades are so beautiful, it’s the stained glass that does it. My mother loves stained glass, honestly obsessed with it she is; and I love that! When I was younger I spent a little bit of time in and out of churches and the one thing that really sticks out even to this day is the beautiful stained glass, maybe it just reminds me of my mother, who knows… The majority of these lamps have stained glass of some kind incorporated into the shade, now that I think about it I think that is why I picked these up. Wow, a little bit of thinking and I just dove into the past like I had a time machine, the human brain is such an amazing piece of work! I literally just envisioned the actual transaction I had with the woman who I purchased this one lamp from; painted like a picture in front of me, how cool is that?

I’m beginning to feel that this blog is venturing onto new things every few sentences, I wanted to pop in and share with you my thoughts on hoarding but I sort of let my brain take over with regards to the typing, well, I guess it would be my body. That’s more than okay though, letting my creativity take action, like a child using their imagination; it should never be stopped.

So this lamp that I have beside me here, the one that I remember purchasing in detail, is now going to sit on my dining room table. I’m sure I will receive some comments as it does look a little out of place, though what’s important is that it’s functional and effective! Going back to the topic of hoarding, I do still have a number of things to donate, I’ve now found countless t-shirts that are going to be given to one of the local homeless awareness programs. There is also this wonderful coin collection that I begun years ago, I am thinking I may give it to one of my younger cousins who enjoys lego, coins are like lego right? Maybe? Okay, not really. Either way, I think he’ll get more use out of them then me, this way I can say I’ve done something productive already this weekend, cleaned my apartment!

Now if you’ve actually followed this far I would like to say thank you, as this has simply been my thoughts put to keyboard naturally; nothing to exciting, just a way of letting things go I guess. If I can make a suggestion to all who desire some insight on organization, I highly recommend keeping your home clean, it honestly keeps me in sorts.

Any plans for the weekend? Want to hear how Zyra is doing? SHES DOING GREAT! Let me know if you’d like some training tips or some insight on Chihuahua behavior, I’ll make myself available as I love answering those kinds of questions! It was nice to pop in, sorry it’s been some time; my schedule has been crazy!

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