Bridges And Lakes

Loving Danger And Excitement


If you are an individual who loves danger and excitement this post might be for you… I have found in my very short time on this earth I have always loved doing things that scared the bananas out of me. Quite recently I found myself on this incredible hiking trip with a number of my cousins, always finding new ways to shock each other with our ways of doing things we of course found a nearly deconstructed bridge. This story can appear silly and you might think “Why on earth would Laura risk her life to get to the other side?”. Well you see, this was an opportunity to not only test my self control but I was making a point to myself, I’ve learned that you are only as good as your last performance. This was a performance I did for myself, and the performance was me crossing the bridge even though the risk was there to fall nearly sixty feet.


This is basically what the bridge looked like,
This is basically what the bridge looked like, nothing but intriguing to me!


So the potential was there to fall and hurt myself, or worse; crumble and give up. I chose to experience what I thought would be something that I wouldn’t forget.

  1. Believe
  2. In
  3. Yourself

I made that bridge look small and dainty, though I had an adrenaline rush that I won’t forget as I had eyes from my family members fixated on the potential of death. This is a whole other topic, (not caring what others think, regardless of who they are) this isn’t to say not to respect others opinions and give them the benefit of the doubt, but at the end of the day what you think about yourself in the moment is what counts.

So I crossed this bridge, got to the other side and sat in glory knowing that I had conquered a fear that was sitting inside me the second I saw the experience I could have. I visualized success, not a picture that I thought would do harm to me and my family, I saw happiness and trusted my vision. Do this and you’ll love your life! Martial Arts has taught me so much about the importance of visualization. “See your target, hit your target, you must feel your target, you must be in tune with your target, completely relax into it, remain aware and do not fixate.” These words mean a lot to me, I’m happy I can share them with all of you who read this.

Long story short, my cousins did not cross the bridge. After I had made it to the other side and enjoyed my personal victory I gracefully moved back to the other side with precision and care on the rotting 2×6’s. My family hugging me on the other end and to this day continue to question my sanity especially once a little alcohol gets put into their bodies, but I love it; and I love them.


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