Breeding And Gratitude

I Am Grateful


Hi! If you are following my blog you would know that I just ran into some mailing issues with a company over seas. I ordered a number of bracelets and they were certain they had been delivered but I never received them! If you are so incline you can read more about it here. : )

Well guess what? They are re-sending them! I am grateful, now I am not sure where the bracelets ended up but like I said in my previous post I hope whoever has them is benefiting.

I’ve been getting countless calls for chihuahuas… Everyone wants my chihuahuas! Though I am a breeder and I do everything I possibly can to make my services accessible to eligible dog owners; it gets exhausting. Zyra will soon be having a litter and I have four people interested in pups. I do not believe Zyra is going to be popping out four baby chihuahuas but we shall know shortly, she’s thickening up very quickly. One of my caretakers has decreased her walks and begun monitoring her closely, shes healthy and this is going to be her first experience with motherhood.

I am a little nervous, Zyra and I have a very close bond and even though I know everything will go according to plan, there is always that wave of ‘what if?’ I have trained myself not to think of these doubts, though they are there and I know them well, I do not let them create a lasting presence in my mind. The ability to let go of things is a gift, we all have it; if you are struggling with lingering thoughts, toss em’. Easier said than done? Of course, but I have faith that if you set your mind to something, you can do anything.


I wanted to update you all, though I’m running out the door to meet with a client as well as getting in a training session before dinner. Quick stop in, you’ll hear from me soon.

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