Back In Town!

Am I Ever Happy To Be Home


I am sore, comfy, and relaxed at this very moment. I had an incredible time in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was there on behalf of a Martial Arts benefit seminar for the senior instruct of Jeet Kune Do, Sifu Taky Kimura. This was an experience of a life time, the man is ninety-two years old and is still throwing people on the ground! He had me in a straight arm lock explaining to other students and practitioners of the importance of the raising of the elbow during your lock. Now unfortunately I couldn’t quite hear everything he was saying as the man speaks very quietly do to health issues; Alzheimer’s and such… (This was one of the main reasons for the seminar, to help raise money for his medical bills, as they have sky rocketed).


This is a very interesting blog and if you do have some spare time I do recommend it.


A truly sad thing happening to this incredible human being, without doubt in my writings or in my mind he is a true warrior and though ninety-two years old he still carries a fighters energy along with a radiation of love.

I arrived home late last night, it was a day trip and with flights being put in place it made my accuracy on time and the judgement of when I needed to be where honed. A huge appreciation goes to all those who I spent my day with, I can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am for that to have happened in my life. I was introduced to so many incredible Martial Artists and learned and gathered so much new information to be able to apply to my Martial Arts. I went in there with an open mind and an open heart and came out with such a high level of euphoria, I really am blessed to have met and trained with the people I did yesterday.

So I’ll have you all know despite my first post on this attractive little blog being solely about The Martial Arts (my true reason for being in existence, I believe). Why and how do I know this? Because as young as I am I have yet to find anything that allows me to fully express myself like The Martial Arts does; I have never felt so euphoric in my entire life, and I have been introduced to people who I thought I could only dream of encountering. That is a very short and brief description, I really could go on and on…

I do want to get back on the topic of cute little chihuahuas as that is what this blog is going to be about! I have six of my own and believe it or not I have three to six individuals who rent my dogs.. (People whom I trust obviously). For instance, when I went away yesterday I had no issue finding individuals to take care of my dogs as I know and am close with people who LOVE chihuahuas but can’t afford to have one of their own; so they simply take care of mine during their free time!

This is a very unique thing and people often give me some strange looks when I explain to them the process… The reality of it is, these animals do not deserve to be put and held in cages for hours on end when I have to tend to my lively hood, I simply let them play with people whom I trust! This works out perfectly. My dogs are being taken care of properly, they are happy, and getting more time outside; along with some wonderful people being able to spend time with furry creatures who appreciate what they do for them! So for those who don’t own dogs or cannot own dogs and want nothing more than to be able to bond with one, I suggest putting up a dog walking ad or even dog sitting fliers!

I am really looking forward to writing to all of you more, I do have an enormous amount of things to take care of today as I did take my Saturday off (I know, working on a Saturday), lame huh? That’s the beauty of being self employed!

Are you interested in anything I wrote today? Would you like to know more about who I am as a human being or did something I say really twist in your mind and you want to know a little more? You can contact me here as well as email me at this email address!

Now lets all enjoy this beautiful day.