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Welcome to A-Mayer's Tinys, Your Chihuahua Breeder

I have been breeding chihuahuas since 1989 . I have brought together some of the nations top champion lines of chihuahuas and integrated them into the A-Mayers line. Tiny Mite, Hurds, Dartan, Quachitah, Bliss, Toy, and Vanderpool just to name a few. AKC/State approved and inspected. When only the best will do, call A-Mayers Tinys!NEW SERVICE!!! Your puppy can be hand delivered to you at your airport for an additional $1000. Price may vary depending on state.

Click here for directions. Call me with any questions you may have prior to making your travel. Additionally, I try to keep my FAQ's up-to-date, so feel free to send me an email with any questions.These are pictures from customers and such.

About The Chihuahua

The chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. This little dog is believed to be native to Mexico but no one knows for sure. The standard is a nice
well built little dog with erect ears, alert expression, domed apple head (with or without open molera), weighing 2-6 pounds. Does well with other chihuahuas, dogs and children (if the child is taught proper care). I do not recommend a real tiny one to people with children unless they are older. They come in two different types of coats, long and short hair. The chihuahua can be too brave for its own good, so you must take care around larger dogs, even ones you think you know, an accident can always happen when not expected.

Some adults left. Read bottom of page for information on dogs available. I will be having one or two more litters and that's all folks!

PICTURES of Chihuahuas and friends

Just some of the guys playing around. Great Horned Owl we took in till he could get to a rehab center. Bandit, hit by a car fixed 2 breaks in one leg and a major fracture in the other. Waiting to be re released in spring. Our new Bengal Cat Buck and Sadie our pug are also very playful. Sadie and the raccoon play all the time.

Chihuahua pictures, goofing around

Some more of the guys



Chihuahua, shipping of puppies

I do not ship all puppies. If they are too small they have to be picked up or a service I offer for $1500. is the puppy will be flown to you with a live person to your airport for you to meet them there. That includes round trip twice back and forth to airport,crate,vet cert if needed,puppy airfare, people airfare.I use Northwest Airlines out of Moline Airport in Illinois . Due to flight increases on airfare price may change accoring to airfare prices. Prices may vary up or down by who knows how much with prices the way they are. Just got hit with the shock sticker of shorter flights being more than longer flights. If a puppy is shippable, I charge $290. to go to O'Hare airport, includes round trip,crate,vet cert if required, does not include puppy airfare. I prefer to use Northwest Airlines, but it depends on who goes where and when. International shipping is more based on where and when. Sometimes extra vet certs are needed and some even from Springfield which is overnight shipping of paperwork both ways. Prices are based on what and how much work has to be done.

Chihuahua, Open Moleras completely normal as long as

Many vets scare people because they really do not know the standard of every dog. The chihuahua seems to be one of them. I recently had a customer that was crying at the vets office because he told her the dog had an open molera. Her family was devastated. I assured them it was not a bad thing. After much coxing I managed to get the size of the open molera on top of the head. It was the size of the pointer finger tip. I cannot believe a vet put a scare into a customer because of this. The puppy is just fine and now so is the owner. DO NOT LET YOUR VET SCARE YOU LIKE THIS! If he does, change vets right away. If the opening of the molera is the size of a silver dollar than I would start to question, or if the opening runs down the sides of the head, this is bad the dog will be retarded usually. As long as you do not drop something on the head or the dog does not run across a slippery floor and bang its head it is fine.


What a blessing chihuahuas are, everyone who has ever had one knows.


Being a chihuahua breeder for many years now I think I have seen just about everything, but guess what, NOT SO, Everyday we learn something new, no matter what, where, when, and why. There is always something new to learn. Keep learning no matter what.

Long haired Chihuahuas

They are adorable little guys with such a wonderful personality. Easy to groom, not much to do to them except keep the hair free from knots by the ears and the rear hair trimmed. Brush maybe once a week or so.

Teacup Chihuahuas, NO SUCH THING!

The chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, it was never bred down from a standard size chihuahua or a mini chihuahua, so therefore, there is only the one size 2-6lbs is the standard, some get a little bigger and some get a little smaller. So now you have the truth about teacup chihuahuas, some breeders use the name only as a sales ploy making people think they are getting a super tiny chihuahua. If the chihuahua is the size of a can of pop at 8 weeks or bigger than a can it will be a regular size. If it weighs 1.5 or 2lbs at 8 weeks it will be 5-6lbs or more.


A deposit on a puppy must be received within 3 days of your commiting to purchase. Send the check or MO by Priority Mail and it will get here in the 3 days or sooner. Don't have me hold a puppy and say you will send the check in a week or two, that is deceptive and unfair when I have held it for you on your good faith. Also, when I hold a puppy and the deposit is made I will not hold a puppy past its departure time for more than 30 days without the final payment being made. A fee of $80.00 a month will apply and any additional shots if you let me know you want me to hold it a little longer. If I have not heard from the buyer within 30 days of departure time I will assume you no longer want your puppy.Also, if I have asked for a time to let me know what you are doing and have not your deposit is also lost and non refundable. It is unfare to the puppy when someone all of a sudden says I can't afford the puppy now when I have held onto it until almost 5 months of age. I don't mind a few weeks but not months. It is unfare the the puppy totally, and needless to say, unfare to me if I have to then try and find a home for a puppy that would have had a normal start in a home when he was ready to go. This new rule is only put into place because of ( you guessed it) someone did it. Absolutly NO REFUNDS if you do not take your puppy when it is ready to go within a 30 day period. Absolutly NO REFUNDS if you have changed your mind or circumstances have changed on your end.I can waive the bording fees but not the deposit.

Teeth on Chihuahuas

The teeth are small so they do get bad fast in a chi. When I retire a dog usually their teeth will not be in very good condition. I do not guarantee any teeth on a dog that is retired at any age. When you go to get the dog fixed the vet will usually charge a nominal fee for the dental because the dog is already out. I do NOT recommend doing the teeth too often as they don't tell you the mortality rate, expecially when they are older. Use the liquid chlorophyll

Chihuahua Book 2007 For Sale

New Chihuahua Books for sale. regular 14.95 plus tax. My price 13.00 even.

Ill reaction to a shot

Sometimes a puppy's system cannot take to the shots the way the other pups do. This is unfortunate as we do want to do the best for our little charges. Sometimes after I do a shot a puppy you may have a deposit on may stop eating or start loosing weight all of a sudden. Then they may experience sugar drops. This once in a great while does happen. If you have a deposit on that puppy and I feel it may have to stay here longer then orginally planned you may have the choice of another puppy at the price that puppy is up for. It is not fare to you if a puppy has a problem with shots for you to have to wait for it for a much extended time.Extended time meaning over a month from original date expected. Or if the puppy may end up with sugar drops for sometime I cannot let it go. You may pick another puppy out. I do this to not only protect the puppy but you.

Pet jewelry for you!!!!

These are hand made and most are made of sterling silver or silver plated. Some less expensive ones are made of jewelry metal. Prices ranging from $5.00 to $50.00. With more to come later in gold.

Chihuahua breeder of smooth coat

Such darlings, worth a look, as a chihuahua breeder for almost 20 years now I love both. When you are looking for a chihuahua breeder make sure they are reputable.

Chihuahua breeder of long coat chihuahuas

Long or smooth coat chihuahuas I love them all. Personalities are great in both male and females. I have been a Chihuahua breeder for almost 20 years now and have seen all types of personalities in them.

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Takoda my Golden

Takoda and Max go swimming when they get a chance. Max had to learn to swim last year but learned very quickly. They two of them swim side by side almost in unison. Very pretty to watch.


Max is a wonderful.What a joy it is to have Max join our family. He is well trained, but he does get a tad excited with people and wants attention. He will talk to you and bark. He grabs whatever he sees on the floor to hand it to you playfully. He learned how to swim last year with Takoda and found out he liked it.

Arvo's from Michigan have not paid their $500 promised

This is a class X felony. There will be absolutly no more credit issued due to these people. You can all thank them. from what I can see they planned it out very ruefully

Parvo Going around!!!!!!!

I have had my last puppies tested for parvo, they are clear. But here is some advise. The best place to get a disease is where? The hospital! Bring a blanket with you if you have a puppy and lay it on the vets table. Do not trust that it may not have had a parvo patient in there before you and the vet did not catch that it was parvo. If you have a newly aquired puppy make sure if I gave you NONI JUICE to give your puppy: GIVE IT! Your puppy will end up in a sugar drop end up in the vets and be exposed if you don't give the NONI because of a sugar drop. The puppy will then come out because at that time it was only sugar drop (because you did not think NONI was important) the pup may go through a couple more drops. At this time your pup is exposed!!! It does not have enough shots in it to protect it yet. Remember, it is not fully protected until 16 weeks of age to 20 weeks of age. Now if your pup has contacted parvo at the vets of course you want to blame the breeder. Not when the breeder doesn't have it and gets their puppy tested to show proof they are not infected. So where did you get it? Usually the place you visited the most with your puppy. NOTE: Sugar drop puppies get back up after treated. NOTE: Parvo virus puppy goes down and stay down! Very few survive especially if they are a small dog. Even big dogs don't stand a chance. You can do home treatment, which you have to treat 24 hours around the clock. I have known some to pull though. With a vet you get a huge bill and unfortunatly, they are not going to tell you they have a clean room for parvo. Someone made a mistake unknowningly and gave your puppy PARVO! Your first blame is to blame the breeder. If you breeder has it they should tell you but as we all know people are not always honest. So that is one reason I took my puppy to the vet with a towel and waited for the test to be done. Clear. Do these simple things and you will have more protection. And, For the sake of you and your puppies if I give you NONI give it to them. I did not put it in a bottle and give you a new syring just to do something!


There are a few dogs left ranging from under 2years to 8 years old that need homes. They will need to be housebroken and to get Rabies shots. Some are long coat chihuahuas some smooth. Call me and I can tell you who is up. 8153362066

Chihuahua Information

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