Dancing, And Block Parties.

I think it runs in the family, for us, dancing simply put, is a way of life. It has taken me a long time to realize the importance of dance, though I have been doing it my whole life. Whatever rhythm you choose to move too, as long as it’s continuous, I call that dance. I dance with my dogs, I dance with Margo, I dance with training partners, and I dance with family!

Last night we had an outing; family, friends, friends of friends, animals, and strangers gathering on the block to socialize. This quickly turned into copious amounts of alcohol being consumed and loud music blasting from two vehicles parked in the center of the street. I am very surprised that this event didn’t get shutdown, the community we have here planned this a couple weeks in advance and more people then I thought ended up showing up! There were no children, everyone was very responsible and kids were handed off to the babysitters for the night; we had a great time and everyone found their own flow!


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Drain Systems, Perimeter Drainage Installations, A Company, And Family…

Back home and the stress levels have decreased immensely. Sitting here with Zyra and I couldn’t be any happier. My trip to Victoria was not only spontaneous, but an emergency. Peter, a close family friend ended up in the hospital with DVT’s in his body; they pumped him with heparin and gave him a strict schedule… He is doing a lot better now, they formed in his legs and arms; spontaneously and vigorously… He has something called a “Protein S-Deficiency” which has had him taking blood thinners for more than twenty years. He is stable, but they have a close eye on him as clots can move and if one appears in his lungs then there is going to be a serious problem…

Onto something a little bit different! Peter will recover, I used to spend hours and hours with this man and if there is one thing I know about Peter it is if he sets his mind to something, he gets it done. Now I found out in the airport before I left for British Columbia that I was being asked to invest into a drain service company. My cousin Joel has re-branded a drain system maintenance and installation company and has asked me to help fund the expansion (selling me shares to his company). He re-branded the company as “Perimeter Drainage Victoria” and has been growing it for years; now he wants to take it to the next level and to do so he needs to be partners with someone he can trust. If you have been reading my writings you may have seen the article I wrote talking about Joel’s very successful landscaping company, well Joel is most certainly a diversified contractor and now has really ‘dug his shovel’ into the drain system installation and maintenance market.

Now why am I sharing this all with you? Well besides ensuring that Peter was well taken care of and feeding him copious amounts of Subway as the Royal Jubilee Hospital seems to love the place and so does everybody in it; I was diving into something I have never done before. If you have learned anything about Laura Anderson you know I am a perfectionist who does take imperfect action. I have had trust issues in the past but with this business venture I can assure you; I know nothing about drain system installations and I am most certainly not a drain cleaner or a drain service provider. I would however like to say that I now own shares in a drain service company run by one of the most trusted individuals I have ever met. 

So over the past two weeks I have spent hours with a long lost friend who is in dire need of positivity and motivation; purchased shares in a drain service company that is run by my trusted cousin, bonded with Light, Nikita, and Bellow. I have ran over 25 miles, worked out and trained for more than 40 hours, and managed to still manage my businesses from a distance. I think I’ve been kicking a little bit of butt, don’t you think? Now I am not one to boast, I have always since a young age been trained to be humble & kind, like the Tim McGraw song, but I am proud of my last couple weeks and look forward to what this business venture will bring. Peace, love, and unity is what I hope for.

It’s been hectic, long, and if I didn’t have Margo in my life at this point in time I can assure you my businesses would be up in flames and I would just be solely focused on training; buying wholesale Great Value food with my nights curled up on the couch diving into different buckets of ice cream. Do you have someone in your life that inspires you? Someone who helps you manage your life in a way that they are simply being themselves? Tell me about it!



A Trip That Wasn’t Planned.

Long story short, I am in Victoria, British Columbia. Something has happened and now I am in need here. I just wanted to let you all know why I haven’t been updating my blog, I will return in the near future giving a little bit more detail but I wanted to let you all know that I am still here if anyone has questions regarding breeding, disciplining, food rituals, or anything; I am here for you.

For all those who are curious, Zyra is as healthy as an ox and her puppies have been adapting beautifully to their surroundings. Margo is taking fantastic care of my little ones and has been sending me Snap chats and live video feeds of my family back home. Grateful to be in a financial position where I can take off for a week.

I will write soon, thank for you following my blog; if you would like to learn a little bit more about me, click here!


Time To Be A Mom!

Zyra is looking healthy with five little ones beneath her belly! Finally, that waiting period almost gave me a heart attack! Did you know in 2011 a chihuahua located in England gave birth to ten little puppies? It’s amazing what you can find on the internet and apparently that is reality, even I didn’t know that was possible; though who am I kidding, anything is possible. We humans just have a way of limiting our own perception. ; ]


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Those Early Stages

Do you have a puppy that is in those early stages? Everyone is saying “well you don’t know what kind of dog you have until it’s three.” You get told to “control your dog”, or “stop letting your dog run wild”. If this is your scenario I’d like to say one thing right off the bat and that is you have to endure! The puppy stages are inevitable, depending on what kind of breed you are raising you are sure to get those puppy stages that you really have to hold back on the shouting and bathe in a mental pool of patience. I personally see this as a ways of relaxation in the sense that if you can control that urge to shout and simply give the correct amount of discipline, you will do just fine. Now there are ways of going about giving ‘the correct amount of discipline‘, if your dog does not listen worth a hill of beans I like to begin things with a short leash. Treats at my side and letting them know I control whether or not they get them. When they listen, they get rewarded, when they don’t listen, the leash gets shorter and they don’t get treats. Being firm is crucial, and consistency and persistence is key. A lot of people don’t understand that having a puppy is like having a child.

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One More Time!

I’ve written a little bit about how much I love The Martial Arts. I’ve also shared the amazing opportunity I had to train with a living legend in August. I have recently been informed that Sifu Taky will be at the Ancient Fire Dojo in Vancouver, British Columbia one more time! That is this November and oh boy am I looking forward to that experience, not only will I be training with Sifu Taky again, I am invited in for free! This not only helps my bank account, but it is a true honor. I will be staying in Victoria after the seminar, my cousin Joel Cuttiford lives on the beautiful island and I am very much looking forward to spending some time with him. He is extremely busy with his landscaping company and quite frankly is one of the hardest working landscapers I have ever met in my life! I get to visit Joel, train with Sifu Taky, AND I was happy to find out that I will be able to bring one of my little pups on my journey!

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Collecting Those Unique Things

Funny How Much I Used To Love Lamps…

  • Coins
  • Lamps
  • Old Sticky Notes
  • Unique Blankets

A collector of different kinds of things I am! I was cleaning up my place this morning and started thinking to myself “am I a hoarder?” No way, not possible; I am a clean woman! Then it sort of picked up again when I opened one of my hall closets and found blankets that haven’t been touched in over six months and seven or so lamps that are collecting dust. Now this is pretty minimal when it comes to hoarding as a big picture, though I do not like clutter and I have made the decision to donate some of my lamps that I once thought “I just have to have this.” The local thrift store down the road will surely appreciate it, I am doing this with the intentions that maybe someone will actually put it to use and not have it sit and collect an abnormal amount of dust. I have also found an old coin collection which brings back an enormous amount of memories that bring me to an uncontrollable smile.

It’s these little things that do it, really. Have you ever spent an hour or so flipping through old photographs of you and your parents? It feels almost like some soft of crazy drug trip, now I am not one for drugs but the feeling I get when thinking about all those experiences really creates this thought pattern of “I wonder if drugs make you feel this way.”

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My Training And My Work

Many sacrifices have to be made when training in The Martial Arts. At this very moment I am feeling at ease with my past accomplishments; remaining humble, kind, and accepting the fact that there will always be somebody bigger, somebody stronger, somebody smarter, and somebody quicker. Writing this down has lifted a smile yet also brought upon thoughts of “Well why does that have to be the case? Can’t I be the best?” Let me share with you something, you get what you give; if you aren’t putting in every ounce of energy into what you want to be ‘The Best’ at, I can guarantee somebody else on this planet is.

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Breeding And Gratitude

I Am Grateful


Hi! If you are following my blog you would know that I just ran into some mailing issues with a company over seas. I ordered a number of bracelets and they were certain they had been delivered but I never received them! If you are so incline you can read more about it here. : )

Well guess what? They are re-sending them! I am grateful, now I am not sure where the bracelets ended up but like I said in my previous post I hope whoever has them is benefiting.

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Surprised And Not Surprised

Why Does The Package Not Show Up?


Did someone need it more than me? I spent $44 on three bracelets, and just spent over an hour on the phone with three different companies trying to explain to them that even though the tracking status says “package delivered” I still have not received the package. Looking to get a refund from the company but the way I am trained to look at a situation like this is, someone needs it more than me; I am okay with this. The bracelets were made from these special beads and carried ‘spiritual value’, my esoteric beliefs brought them into my world and I really thought that they would benefit my life. My thoughts are currently, “I hope these bracelets benefit someone’s life”. With regards to not receiving my package, I hope someone else has the bracelets on hand and looks at them knowing that they are being protected by something greater than themselves.

Sorry to begin this post with a rant, this is how my morning began; and with some awesome protein cereal.

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